Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Superhead vs. Lola Luv?

So I was hoping to find source material for this blog then I remembered the coon factory that World Star Hip-Hop. Before I could make my way over there though I found this interesting new "beef" in Hip-Hop. So ladies and gentleman I present to you Superhead vs. Lola Luv. LMAO!!!

Ok so apparently this all started because of some of the comments Lola Luv made on her blog on Global Grind. This is what she said:

I feel as though she played a major part in people really believing that all video vixens are just like her. Which is TOTALLY wrong! There is a difference between a ‘Video Vixen/Model’ and a ‘Video Hoe/Groupie.’ From the way they conduct themselves, their mentality and of course their agenda! The perceptions that people have of me and most video models are the total opposite of reality."

Word? Superhead gave video vixens a bad name? Sure she didn't help your cause but I don't believe that Ms. Steffans is the SOLE reason people look at some of these "video vixens" as sluts/hoes/groupies etc. It's not the fact that 74.8% of them are actually sluts/hoes/groupies or somebody's cousin.

In all honesty being a video vixen is the new stripping. Bad bitch with a banging body looking to get "ahead" in the industry. (See what I did there?) Then again maybe i'm being a tad bit harsh on Angel Lola Luv. Peep what else she had to say.

"I hold my head up high when I walk because I never had to sleep with anyone to get this far. So when people claim I slept with this person and that person all I can say is check my record. I get my respect in the industry because no one can say they dealt with me beyond a friendship or associate level except one person. Period! There are a lot of video vixens that haven’t either but because of Superhead people think other wise." - Angel Lola Luv
Before I begin i'd like to point out that chicks that aren't hoes usually don't have to say they're not hoes or give a number on how many niggas they've slept with in the industry. I pray that the "ONE" guy that got to feel that big ass bounce back on him was the nigga that hosted her mixtape. Truth be told it was probably one of them G-Unit niggas or maybe all of them at one time that way it's considered one dude.

Lola has a point though I mean she's flipped her video vixeness into a successful mixtape. That shit's competing with Drake's So Far Gone & J. Cole's The Warm-Up mixtape. Might be the best mixtape in the last 8 years. Better than Mood Muzik, Bar Exam, all that shit.

BWAHAHAHAHA. Angel please SIT YO DUMBASS DOWN somewhere. What exactly have you done to be put in that category of "non-slutty" video girls. You're not Melyssa Ford, Esther Baxter, Ki Toy shit you're not even Vida Guerra. Best case is you're another Gloria Velez........and you can call me Mr. Fantastic cause i'm reaching on that one. You came into the game and what have you done? Seriously Melyssa Ford will probably go down (no not like that) as the greatest Video Girl of all time. You? That booty's gonna start sagging soon and i'm really starting to believe it's not real. Well I was unsure from the beginning but once I noticed Lacey Duvalle had the same ass and has gone on record saying it's surgery makes me wonder. That ass is your claim to fame ma'am. Leave it at that. Hope you're saving money cause you'll be dropping it like it's hot for singles real soon ma.

I'm not saying Karrine is a Saint fuck far from it. I'd rather take a honest ho over a bitter nobody anyway. At least you know what you're getting with the hoe. Am I calling Superhead a hoe? You fuckin right but that's because............she's A HOE!!!!!

I didn't know hoes came with morals these days but um.......there you have it. Though I don't agree that she's a celebrity this quote from Superhead sums it up kinda nice.

"I don’t even know who she is, but she knows who I am. That means I’m famous and she’s not. So automatically, we don’t have to discuss her. We just go back to talking about me because I’m the only famous person in this sentence. That’s that." - Superhead via www.xxl-mag.com
I'd get in Superheads shit a little bit more but from reading her books that's clearly no longer uncharted territory and something she's use.

I'll get better at this blog shit.

3 shots, 2 fingers, 1 love.

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  1. In a word. Word. She can't even rap! GTFOH! But Superhead is a dumb hoe. I only think about 50% of those girls are that slutty. I'm not talking extras I mean the features.